Even the most experienced drivers experience anxiety when it comes to driving in the snow. It can be scary when you’re at the mercy of the elements, not knowing if you will slide on ice or get stuck in a snow mound. Not to mention in snowy conditions, it’s nearly impossible to see where you’re going. That being said, our experts at Full Spectrum Executive Transport know the best ways to drive in the snow so that you can make your snow driving experience significantly smoother. Our professional chauffeur service gives you an experienced driver who knows how to drive in snow and get you to and from where you need to go safely. If you are anxious about driving yourself, give our car service a call today!

  1. Slow down on accelerating and decelerating.

Accelerating and hitting the brakes takes away much needed traction. Making sure you accelerate slowly is the best way to regain your traction and prevent skidding. It takes longer to slow down on icy roads, so make sure you account for that, and start pressing on the brakes early. Stopping at your normal, dry-road rate will most likely lead to sliding, skidding, and increase your risk of an accident.

  1.  Slow down on everything.

It is to your benefit to slow down in general. This is more than slowing down on the acceleration and the brakes, it includes how quickly you move your feet shifting from gas to brakes and the movement of your hands. Everything is slower on ice, and that’s simply because of less traction on the road. Try not to make sharp turns, slam on the breaks, or do anything sudden. The best way to reduce your chances of having to make sudden changes is to look farther ahead than you think you need to. Keeping an eye on what’s a good deal ahead of you will help you stay prepared and see obstacles, such as black ice, coming.

  1. Invest in chains or snow tires.

Snow tires or chains are incredibly helpful in the snow. They are designed to cut through the snow and reach the ground beneath that has more traction. Snow tires are also are made with rubber that is chemically formulated to better hug the asphalt in cold weather. However, they aren’t miracle workers, you’ll still need to drive slower than normal and be careful. Even the best snow tires can be no match for black ice and a sudden stop.

  1. Don’t stop (if you can help it).

It sounds backwards, we know. Believe it or not, you actually have more control and more traction if you keep moving at a slow pace. It’s impossible to not have to slow or stop throughout the drive, so to accommodate ease on the breaks way ahead of time to gradually and gently slow down. If you do end up spinning, don’t panic. Turn the wheel into the direction of your spin, and you will be able to regain control. Turning into the spin is not what most people’s instincts tell them to do, but it’s important to practice or remember this because it will give you better control, and you’ll be more likely to end up straight on the road instead of crashed on the side of the road.

If you are nervous about driving in the snow, leave it to Full Spectrum Executive Transport! Our professional car chauffeur service will make sure you have a comfortable and safe ride in even the worst weather conditions. Let us do the worrying when it comes to snow driving. Sit back, relax and ride. Call us today to schedule your ride!