2018 is your year. It might only be January, but it’s not too early to start planning for prom, especially if you’re a senior. This is your last big school event. Your last party with your classmates. Your last high school dance.

Juniors, you don’t want to just skip this article, though, because you likely have a lot to learn for your first prom.

Let’s make it one to remember!

Here’s a quick 2018 prom checklist that will make this an unforgettable experience. It is kind of a big deal afterall.


We’ll get this one out of the way first because it’s obvious. The dresses and tuxes you choose will be forever documented (probably a thousand times), shared on social media, and hung in your closet to reminisce upon every reunion.

2018 Prom Dress Trends

Think off the shoulder. Think embroidery, sequins and prints. Think fun two pieces or long and slim gowns. These are the trends for 2018 prom dresses. And don’t forget about your shoes! Neutral colors are the way to go since this year’s dresses are a statement in themselves.

2018 Prom Tux or Suit Trends

Guys, if you’re going with a date, you’re most likely going to plan your tux around their outfit. However, if you are the trendsetter in the relationship or are going stag with a group of friends, you will be stoked about the trends this year. Tuxedos, suits, and blazers with pants are all acceptable wardrobe choices.

Colorful jackets and ties are the 2018 style marks. Spice up your look with a red, gold, or blue jacket, or one with a bold pattern. Get a bow tie to match and you’re dressed for the best. night. ever.


Your school may provide dinner as part of your prom experience, but others may not. Dinner is one of the most fun parts of the entire prom night. It’s a chance to go out on the town with your date and friends. Take it up a notch and head to a fancy restaurant to match your attire and enjoy exquisite food. Or, you can save some money and have a more ironic experience by going out to dinner at a casual or fast food restaurant in your prom outfits.


The dance is the ultimate piece to prom night. Whether the dance is at your school or another venue, it’s sure to be a good time. There’s obviously going to be dancing, so spruce up your game with a bit of practice. Gather your friends together, queue up a playlist of your favorite tunes, and dance the night away.

Another fun part of the dance is naming Prom King and Prom Queen. It’s a great time when your classmates are recognized.


Prom can be a night to remember, especially when everything goes according to plan. You and your friends can ride around in luxury when you hire prom transportation. Rent a party bus to keep your entire group together, or kick back in a town car with just you and your date. The best part about hiring transportation services for your prom in Pittsburgh is that you don’t have to worry about driving to go take pictures, then to dinner, then to the dance, then to the afterparty and finally back home. That’s exhausting just thinking about it!

From our team here at Full Spectrum Executive Transport, we wish you the very best prom experience.

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