Prevention, Protection, Detection, and Response

The final step in our security service is response. We have 29 years of experience in information security, information governance, assurance, and information risk management, including 10 years of experience in developing and managing large and complex risk management and information assurance programs. Management of such 
programs included the execution of corporate, criminal, and contractual investigation(s) into internal and third party breaches of information assurance and information risk management programs. If you are in Pittsburgh, we can handle your personal or corporate security service needs!


Incident Response – Each member of our team has been classified as a senior global incident responder/consultant(s) and has managed multiple complex and headlining global ICT events, incidents, and investigations, requiring time zone and multiple team management. One member of the team was recognized by her employer’s legal department as an expert in both Westminster and Jefferson ICT cyber legislation and has sat on think tanks addressing cyber espionage and terrorism. 

Binary Analysis – While all members of the team have binary analysis skills, one in particular is focused on Malware and is recognized globally, including US agencies, as among the best in the world.

Investigation – Our staff has extensive experience in traditional, forensic, and actuarial investigations, and the standing to be recognized by global courts as a court’s expert witness(s).

Interview/Interrogation –One member of the team has received advanced training in Scientific Content Analysis (SCAN) application and analysis. This has benefited both her clients and her employer to save significant time and resources through the course of investigations and incident response. The candidate has, in the last five years, applied this technique to security intelligence with great success, especially in social media.


Code Analysis and Review through the software life-cycle in an educational and supportive manner that teaches and guides programmers in security and protection of their code creations.

When you need a team that can respond to any situation, you need Full Spectrum protective security. Call us today!