Prevention, Protection, Detection, and Response

Full Spectrum Protective Security (FSPS) in Pittsburgh utilizes innovation in technology to change the way we deliver security services. We are dedicated to the cycle of protection, detection, and response, but we start with prevention. We use 12 years of academic applied research into new threats and how machine learning and artificial intelligence can be practically used in response to changing cyber and critical infrastructure threats. We have 22 years of experience in managing global risk management and information assurance programs. We believe that this initial focus on prevention in security is what sets us apart, as there are few providers that understand the technology and have the consultants that can prevent malicious events.


Risk Specialist – Staff are recognized within the industry as SMEs in incident response, operational investigation, operational risk, security intelligence, and bleeding edge threat analysis, including artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Critical Infrastructure Risk Specialist – An individual within the team is recognized by the Australian Federal Government and has participated in many invitation only events and has served on the cyber-terrorism and cyber-crime think tank for the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet (PM&C). This team member has been recognized by her employer’s legal department as an expert in both Westminster and Jefferson ICT cyber legislation. This team member was, in her last role in Australia, the lead contact with the Commonwealth Security Operations Centre (CSOC) and the Computer Emergency Response Team for Australian (CERTAU).

DPI SME – The team has managed hundreds of data privacy incidents. They have also been part of industry representation that assisted in drafting the Privacy Act National Privacy Principals and the Australian Privacy Principals, which came into effect on 12 March 2014.


Developed and executed the global implementation of ongoing engagement and awareness programs for management and staff to raise the awareness of information assurance programs and 
its effectiveness.

One team member was sought out by SANS and has been fundamental both 
in the creation of the GIAC syllabus and delivery of this training.

Each member of our team can effectively communicate across the executive line and are 
recognized as strategic owner(s) while capably managing the unique characteristics of highly skilled tactical and specialist technical staff.

FSPS is proud to be leading the industry in our emphasis on Prevention as part of our personal security service.