Prevention, Protection, Detection, and Response

Our focus on protection is integral to the security service that we provide. We have 22 years of experience in continued transformation from threat-oriented security management to risk-oriented information governance and assurance management. We provide expert advice, process and procedural documentation, and development to information and system owners. We have information security governance, the definition of information assurance and risk management goals, 
objectives, practices and metrics that are consistent with an organization’s strategies and 
objectives. Providing protection and security is paramount to Full Spectrum protective security service.

Threat Analysis – Since 2007, one member of the cyber team was part of the IBM Global threat team. Her continued inclusion as a member of a group, which has never been larger 20 members across the globe, positioned her as a tactical provider of threat intelligence and mitigative strategies across the entire IBM infrastructure. She was the only investigator to be a part of this group.

Security Architecture –Members of the team provided security and service line sign off for all IBM architect solutions in the AP region where solution(s) have included or made assumptions regarding risk and threat assessment.

Honorary Research Fellow –A team member was a foundational member of the Internet Security Commerce Lab Federation University (ICSL) and in her own time supported the efforts and research of the lab. Her efforts to develop and bring forward the value of proactive and strategic activities such as Forensic Investigation and Security Intelligence and was recognized in 2009 when she was awarded an Honorary Research Fellowship by the university.


Development, implementation, and continuous improvement of risk management information assurance strategies, policies, standards, procedures, and metrics in line with evolving business need, information risks, and threats. 

Management of information risks throughout the entire information management life cycle from creation to archive and destruction, in comparable enterprise environments that routinely process 
highly sensitive information and that require explicit identification and management of manual and 
automated critical controls. 

Design, implementation, and verification of adequate and cost-effective internal controls in relation to information assurance to manage key information security risks of critical or sensitive business 
processes and information systems throughout an ‘Organization’, in accordance with international 
 best practices (ISO, 30001, ISO 7799, ISO 27001, etc.). 

Global subject experts in the integration of information assurance and governance into the 
development and implementation of an organization’s ICT Strategy and Enterprise Architecture (EA).

Our emphasis on protection is just one facet of our personal security service, and we have the expertise to handle your private security needs. If you need security service in Pittsburgh, Full Spectrum Protective Security is here to help!