The point of hiring either a rideshare vehicle or an executive car is because you need a convenient way to get around Pittsburgh. Are you in the mood to ride in anyone’s car to get to your destination, or would you rather ride in luxury? This is the primary difference between a rideshare vehicle and an executive car.

Let’s check out both options to learn which is better for you.

Executive Car

The executive car is luxurious. It’s a great ride no matter where or when you need to get to your destination. Whether you’re heading from the airport to a business meeting or out for a night on the town, an executive car and chauffeur service can be that next-level ride that exerts your status. Additionally, you can book the exact style of car for your ride, so you always know what to expect. If you’re traveling with a big group and want to be comfortable, you can book a large SUV that can hold many adults and their luggage.

The one main hitch about riding in an executive car is the cost. Luxury isn’t cheap, but the experience won’t be either. These cars cost more to ride in because they are guaranteed to be a top-notch experience, all the way from the private car itself to the driver behind the wheel.


The rideshare companies that have emerged over the past few years seem to have taken the transportation district by storm. They snuck into the younger audience of people who need to get around through a handy app. This convenience is hard to beat. Additionally, they are a low-cost transportation option that is available just about anywhere for any amount of time.

The downside to riding with a rideshare company is you have to ride in someone’s personal car, which can change the experience of each and every ride. You don’t know what you’re getting into until it shows up outside your location. Additionally, there are no guarantees if it will be a safe ride, and there is little back up from the companies as the drivers are independent contractors.

So which do you prefer?

If you’d like to ride around Pittsburgh in an executive car, then you’re in the right place.

About Full Spectrum Executive Transport

Full Spectrum Executive Transport (FSET) is based in Pittsburgh, and we will take you anywhere you want to go — even if it’s all the way across the country! Our drivers are prepared to offer you a thorough experience. We are professional drivers, but we are also trained in security services.

This stems from our owner Terence Donnelly, who is a retired Navy SEAL Senior Chief. With this background, Terence makes it a priority to hire veterans as drivers. We are a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business, and we are proud of it. We strive to provide a service that brings luxury and security together through experience, professionalism, honesty, courage, and safety to our customers.

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