Prevention, Protection, Detection, and Response

The third step in Full Spectrum’s Protective Security service is Detection. We have the skill and expertise to adequately evaluate and assess any detected risks or threats to your safety and security. We have 29 years of applied operational risk-based experience and incident management within a Big Four financial institution. If you need security service in Pittsburgh, our skilled team is here to help!


Risk Specialist – staff are recognized within the industry as SMEs in incident response, operational investigation, operational risk, security intelligence and bleeding edge threat analysis, including artificial intelligence and machine learning.

PCI-DSS – The team has both participated the acted as lead specialist in several global PCI-DSS projects. Each of these included the review, design, and implementation of security incident response processes and procedures, building and maintenance of a secure network, protection of identity data, implementation and execution of vulnerability management programs, implement of strong access control measures, scheduled and unscheduled testing of networks, monitoring of these networks, and implementing a security policy.


ur experience includes:

Operational responsibility for information systems security operations, including selection and management of security solutions, monitoring, detection, verification, and responding to information 
security incident(s), audit recommendations, and investigation requests in a manner that material is 
actionable and presentable in a court of law. 

We are experts in the interactions of pertinent international practices, such as COBIT and ISO 27001, with proven experience in design, implementation, and verification of adequate and cost- effective internal controls in relation to information assurance to manage key information security 
risks of critical or sensitive business processes and information systems throughout an 

We have served as expert consultant(s) supporting relevant laws, regulations and 
industry standards i.e.: AU Privacy and Telecommunication Acts, Westminster legislation, 
Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX), EU’s data privacy directives, PCI-DSS and HIPPA.

The team has excellent organizational and interpersonal skills to influence others for positive results with or without the line of command, with a demonstrable track record in building up shared vision and 
ownership among wider stakeholders on risk management, governance, and information assurance 

The team has a proven ethic and integrity to stand up to bullies in the corporate environment. The team consists of individually strong characters, but have overall resilience and ability to respond and recover from adverse event(s) and lead productively on multiple impact incidents.

Full Spectrum Protective Security is ready to serve you and provide private, personal security for any situation! From the individual business owner to larger corporations, our skill and expertise can deliver the highest level of security.