Holiday seasons are coming upon us and soon it will be here before you know it.  When thinking about traveling think Limo Services or rather think FSET. Everyone should know how much they are going to pay and if you just want to get home and accept surge pricing you may not realize just how much it cost till the next day.  Let us help you with all of your transportation needs this holiday season.  All our drivers have background and driver license checks.  We interview all our drivers and meet them face to face to see if they have a good working attitude.  There is no reason for anyone to drive during this time if they want to have a few drinks.  I have seen people get in my vehicles and talk about how they messed up and got a DUI.  In this day and age there are too many ways to get home after having a few too many drinks.

Something to also think about if you are traveling with 1-12 people we can drive you anywhere from or too the Pittsburgh area.  Our services will get you door to door faster than flying in some instances such as if you were going to NJ, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Cleveland, Columbus or DC area.  Think about Thanksgiving the busiest traveling day of the year.  Avoid the crowds and most of all the delays that come with flying on the busiest day.  While letting FSET handle your transportation needs this frees up your time to do business without any interruptions or take business calls.  This can allow anyone to sleep, watch a movie, stop when you want to stop to stretch or get refreshments.  Also something to think about is If you are flying and paying for 2 tickets or more call us we may be cheaper than flying for the price of 2 or more tickets.