1. “Active Shooter”

    When something tragic happens anywhere in the United States we are happy it did not happen where we live, and we are sad for the people that were harmed.  With all that happens in the world today especially in our country it is just a matter of time when it hits home. The question is you as an indi…Read More

  2. Holiday Seasons

    Holiday seasons are coming upon us and soon it will be here before you know it.  When thinking about traveling think Limo Services or rather think FSET. Everyone should know how much they are going to pay and if you just want to get home and accept surge pricing you may not realize just how much it…Read More

  3. Winter Season is Coming

    Not everyone is a professional driver and not everyone can drive in wintery conditions.  Most vehicles now a days have all wheel drive but that doesn’t help you if you hit a patch of ice or you are on a bridge here in Pittsburgh that is made of steel and at times can be a sheet of ice. All-wheel …Read More

  4. Best Way to Tailgate in Piitsburgh

    When tailgating for any sport especially during the football season we do not want to limit our fun because of having to be responsible for driving everyone home after the game.  Tailgating brings everyone together whether we are home team Pittsburgh fans or not.  Jovial comradery is part of every…Read More

  5. The Difference Between Taxis And Black Cars

    Often, city life is glamorized to appear magical. The city is full of shops, landmarks, things to do, and bustling with life. The lively street life is a culture that many people live for. However, when it comes to navigating a busy city like Pittsburgh, is trying to flag down a stranger on the side…Read More

  6. Why Use A Car Service?

    Luxury car services have a reputation for being a service that only people on the wealthy end of the spectrum can afford. However, this is a myth. Car services are an incredibly beneficial transportation option for anyone. Full Spectrum Executive transport makes luxury car services accessible to any…Read More

  7. Memorial Day In Pittsburgh

    Memorial Day weekend is a great weekend to celebrate summer, be with family, and celebrate the brave and honorable veterans who have laid down their lives serving our country in the armed forces. Pittsburgh is a city that is filled with events, monuments, memorials, and activities celebrating and ho…Read More

  8. How To Drive In The Snow

    Even the most experienced drivers experience anxiety when it comes to driving in the snow. It can be scary when you’re at the mercy of the elements, not knowing if you will slide on ice or get stuck in a snow mound. Not to mention in snowy conditions, it’s nearly impossible to see where you’re…Read More

  9. Rideshare Vs. Executive Car: Which Is Better?

    The point of hiring either a rideshare vehicle or an executive car is because you need a convenient way to get around Pittsburgh. Are you in the mood to ride in anyone’s car to get to your destination, or would you rather ride in luxury? This is the primary difference between a rideshare vehicle a…Read More

  10. Your 2018 Prom Checklist

    2018 is your year. It might only be January, but it’s not too early to start planning for prom, especially if you’re a senior. This is your last big school event. Your last party with your classmates. Your last high school dance. Juniors, you don’t want to just skip this article, though, becau…Read More